Arun Singla

Profile Overview:

Phone: +91 9812056755
Location: Delhi, India

Arun Singla, a dynamic and multifaceted professional, is the esteemed Director of Data Tablets, a pioneering firm founded in 2021. With a rich tapestry of academic qualifications and a passion for research and education, Arun has carved a niche in the academic and technical world. His expertise spans across diverse fields including civil engineering, commerce, and law.

Educational Background:
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) - Delhi University
Master of Commerce (M.Com) - Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
Bachelor of Laws (LLB) - Maharshi Dayanand University (MDU), Rohtak
Diploma in Civil Engineering - Haryana State Board of Technical Education (HSBTE)

Professional Journey:
In 2021, Arun embarked on an entrepreneurial venture by establishing Data Tablets. This innovative company has become a beacon for researchers and scholars, offering an array of services including assistance in research paper publication, thesis and dissertation guidance, seminar and conference conduction, and comprehensive data analysis.

Since its inception, Data Tablets has not only facilitated academic pursuits but also has been instrumental in Arun's personal research journey. His contributions to academia include authoring over 20 research papers published in various esteemed peer-reviewed and refereed journals.

Editorial and Advisory Roles:
Arun's expertise and insights are recognized and valued in academic circles, as evidenced by his roles in the technical advisory teams of three prestigious journals:

Universal Research Reports
Innovative Research Thoughts
International Journal of Research Publication and Seminar

Philanthropic and Social Engagements:
Committed to societal betterment, Arun holds significant positions in several charitable trusts and organizations:

Vice President at Shodh Sagar Charitable Trust – Focused on education and sanitation for the underprivileged.
Cashier at Maharaja Aggarsain Charitable Trust – Dedicated to sponsoring education for needy children and promoting social literacy.
Treasurer at All Indian Education and Social Development Society (AIESDS) – Committed to education promotion, award distribution, and overall social development through educational initiatives.

Areas of Interest:
Arun's intellectual pursuits and professional interests encompass a broad spectrum, including but not limited to:

Civil Engineering
Law and Jurisprudence

Connect with Arun:
For collaborations, research inquiries, or to engage with Arun's multifarious initiatives, please reach out through the provided contact details.